Semi High Speed Rail corridorbeneficial for Malabar, says KRDCL MD

ON  07 Nov, 2019

KRDCL Managing Director Mr. V. Ajith Kumar todaysaid the project will be more beneficial for the Malabar region. He alsoinformed that the construction work of the project would kick off by next yearonce it gets the Indian Railways approval and it will be completed by 2025.Landrequirement is minimal for the project and it will be about half of that offour-lane highways, he asserted, while speaking about Keralas dream projectat a session organised by Malabar Chamber of Commerce here. Mr.Kumar said land acquisition would not be a difficult task between Tirur and Kasaragod since the SHSR rail line would run parallel to the existing railway line. KRDCL will have to acquire about 1,200hectares of land for the project that will have the rails elevated along urbanstretches. The trains will run at a maximum speed of 200 km per hour.Land acquisition is required in 21-25metre width. There is alsoprovision for providing compensation to those who give land for the project, he added. The532-km double line between the capital city and Kasaragod will be completedusing modern technology. Maximum curves will be avoided and we expect a speedof 200 km/h, he said. With the implementation of the 100 percent green project, it willreduce the journey time from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod from 12 hours tojust four hours. If we can go ahead with the current time-frame, the projectwill become a reality by 2025, Mr. Kumar said.

The mega infrastructure project, knownas Silver Line, is being implemented by the Kerala Rail DevelopmentCorporation Limited (KRDCL), a joint venture of Government of Kerala andMinistry of Railways.A detailed project report (DPR) of thedouble line has been submitted to the state government, he said, adding thatall the stations would function using renewable energy sources, including solarenergy.Thetrain that starts from Kochuveli will have stops at Kollam, Chengannoor,Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Tirur, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod. The constructionwill commence after getting approvals from the Central and state governments, theKRDCL MD said. Mr. KSreenivasaRao, Director, International Airport, Kozhikode gave a felicitationspeech. Mr. A SyamSundar, President, Malabar Chamber of Commerce, presided. Mr.NM Salim, Architect, Programme Coordinator, welcomed the gathering. Mr. TGopakumar, Joint Secretary, proposed a vote of thanks. The SHSR line is expected to reduce both congestion and pollution on the roads,improve safety and reduce dependence on imported oil. The airports atThiruvananthapuram and Kochi will be connected in the SHSR. KRDCL expects a ridership of 67,740passengers a day. It estimates to carry 1,330 travellers in one direction atpeak hours. The average number of travellers a day will be 82,266 by 2028,116,681 by 2040 and 147,120 in 2051. As for employment, the project willgenerate 50,000 jobs during the construction of the corridor and 11,000 once itis functional after completion. Thiruvananthapuram-headquartered KRDCL,floated in January 2017, is a joint venture between the Kerala government andthe Railways to execute viable railway projects on acost-sharing basis. The rail corridor will also help stem pollution by buses and otherprivate vehicles on the road. By 2028, SHSR will reduce road vehicles andtrucks causing reduction of approximately 2,37,663 tons of carbon dioxideequivalent and 3,81,899 tons by 2051.

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